Sugar, Kids, God, Trust

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is the Fults family:

Josh, Hayden, and Devin. They’re a pretty family, right?

I actually know these people. Like, in real life. We went to the same college, they live in the next town over, Josh is on staff at a church so our paths cross sometimes. We’re not like BFFs, but we’re close enough that if Liz and I were having a Christmas party and wanted to invite a bunch of cool people, we’d definitely ask Josh and Devin to babysit for us.

Just kidding.

Anyway, I’ve got a guest post today at Josh’s blog. It’s about how God doesn’t like my kids to have sugar. No, wait…that’s not right. Just click to go read it.

And while you’re there, check out some of Josh’s stuff. He’s really smart about faith, psychology, and apologetics, and his “Facebook Friday” series is fantastic. Have fun, friendos. I love you more than you know. (I hope that’s not weird.)

  1. efchristi says:

    I know that raising kids is a chore, I had three boys myself. I guess Jared did what most parents do, toss the instruction book out the window when you brought them home. Oh, that’s right no instructions came with the child, but that is a good thing because by nature, we as humans tend to ignore the instructions until all else fails. Then we call our parents and friends for advice on how to handle the situation.

    My grandfather once told me that raising children is like mixing sugar and vinager together, adding a little water here and there, along with lots of love. He said it is a delicate balance and by some miracle we somehow survive. It is a learning experience, but we somehow make it and you will know that you won’t give Nate sugar after dinner because of what you learned from Sam.

    Life is an adventure and over the years I have learned, as grandfather always said, nothing happens without a reason and that God has a reason for everything. As we grew up we learned to trust our parents to make sure we have everything we needed to make ends meet. They took us to church, taught us that God watches over us at night and protects us from all kinds of evil. We became Christians and put our lives in His hands for guidance even when we were not willing to listen. Yet God was still there to guide us back on the right path when we went astray. No, He does not give us everything we ask for, but if you take the time to look you will see the reason why, He knew it was wrong for you and turned it so you would not be hurt.

    I have tripped many times n my life, but God was always there to pick me up. I put my complete trust in Him ans He has never lead me astray. He has taught me to respect His wishes for He has my best interest in mind. Truth be told, He has the best interest of all of us in mind.

    Have a blessed day!


    PS: I still look for the instruction book once in a while.

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