Showing some blogger love

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Fun Stuff, Words

Last week I threw up (gross) a post asking if any of you blogged, and it turns out that a lot of you do. So I sent emails to those who left a comment and asked, “What’s your best post? Send me the link and I’ll put it up on BDB.”

And I’m a man of my word.

Here are the links I got back in my electronic mail account. Take a few minutes to read through these, leave some comments for them, and enjoy this dose of Saturday awesomeness:

Your Love is Better than Chocolate – One of the sweetest things ever, by Jessica Buttram

How To Be A Doctor – Ricky Anderson gives (terrible) advice on practicing for this profession.

Ecclesiastes is Meaningless – Thomas Mark Zuniga on the most depressing book of the Bible

A New Beginning – Ed Christian shares some thoughts on why life sometimes falls apart.

If you would have told me… – Joe Knight on what he might have said

History – It had to come from somewhere, right? Joseph Craven explains. (Kind of)

The Fruity 1 – Chris Vonada made up a reality show based on the fruits of the spirit.

A Dirty Christian Word – Josh Fults discusses doubt.

Feel free to leave a link to your best post in the comments section.

  1. Chris Vonada says:

    thanks for the love Jared, you’ll be sure to go far as A Fruity 1 with that immunity you just earned 🙂

  2. Ernie says:

    My favorite post to write this year was the one I wrote for National Adoption Day. Adoption is such a huge part of my life, so it was really fun to let my heart ooze out on the electronic paper!

  3. I dunno, I earned my doctorate just by using Ricky Anderson’s advice. Just sayin.

  4. granna07 says:

    And….what is your best post so far, Jared? I plan to read all of the ones mentioned at some point in time! As always, thanks for sharing!

  5. jlhall1107 says:

    I would have to say that I have gotten the best response to the following post, and it would have to be one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing your space Jared!

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