The results are in!

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Fun Stuff, Words

First of all, you guys crack me up. I’ll list the stats, and the best answers. If you want to read all the answers submitted, click the link at the bottom of this post.


90% of you say you use your cell phone while using the bathroom.

Of those who use their phone:

  • 89% text
  • 64% play games
  • 84% use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • 17% listen to music
  • 42% actually talk on the phone while using the bathroom!

Other activities listed:

  • Respondent #22 said “read on the kindle app”
  • Respondent #27 said “read, prepare talks, research”
  • Respondent #40 said “read google news”

In response to the question, Where do you put your phone when it’s time to “clean up”?

  • #3 said “either back in my pocket or in the nice hammock my ‘draws’ make (I laughed for days at that one)
  • #6 said “under my armpit”
  • #16 said “I don’t clean up”
  • #21 said “public restroom: on top of the toilet paper dispenser. at home: pretty much anywhere”
  • #28 said “in the other hand?” (I guess they were confused by the question?)
  • #32 said “back in ultra-geeky external pouch”
  • #41 said “on the floor, fool” (#41 called me a fool at every opportunity)

Have you ever dropped your phone while using the bathroom?

  • 56% said no
  • 31% said yes, on the floor
  • Respondent #37 is the only person who said they have dropped their phone into the toilet, and added “I dropped my phone in the toilet that time… It didn’t work after that. lol I’ve never admitted to anyone how I really ruined my phone”

What’s your favorite phone activity while using the bathroom?

  • #5 said “Playing Atomic Bomber. (Pun not intended)”
  • #20 said “Reading Badly Drawn Bible” (I am honored and disgusted.)
  • #32 said “Taking pictures of ‘bathroom art'” (I don’t know what that means.)
  • #41 said “play games, fool” (#41, you’re starting to rub me the wrong way.)

Do you tend to stay in the bathroom longer when using your phone?

  • 64% said yes
  • 19% said no
  • #16 said “It depends on whether Katy perry has a new video out on YouTube”

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your cell phone/bathroom habits?

  • #10 just answered “fart”
  • #12 said “I always call my mom on the way to the bathroom and talk to her while I’m in there, usually the whole time.”
  • #13 said “I absolutely, positively refuse to talk on the phone if I’m using the bathroom. That’s just gross.” (I really hope #12 and #13 are friends.)
  • #18 said “Angry Birds is the bomb, also sitting too long can cause hemorrhoids…”
  • #26 said “I only handle the phone with my ‘clean’ hand. “
  • #27 said “I’m very conscientious about washing my hands and thus putting the phone somewhere it won’t get wet. Also, one time I was on so long my battery drained, and my legs fell asleep. “
  • #32 said “Rule #1 always keep keytones muted so no one hears the “phone activity”” (Good tip!)
  • #35 said “It’s not time to get up until both legs fall asleep!”
  • #40 said “I try to wipe while something is loading…to be more efficient with my time” (Clever!)
  • #41 said “I’ve lied about having to use the bathroom just to get off the phone with my mother. Fool.” (Why do you- forget it.)

So, there you have it. Thanks to everyone who participated.

If you’d like to see all of the results, click right here.


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