Five Fast Facts (#6)

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Fun Stuff, Words

1. We had our church Fall Fest last night and my two year old ate his weight in candy. So, he was up crying most of the night. I’m not sure if his stomach hurt or if he was tired but couldn’t sleep- whatever the case, nobody in the house slept much last night. On top of that, we’re all fighting various forms of a head cold/sore throat/congestion/ear ache so if you’re the sort of person that prays, say one for our little family.

2. Obligatory family Halloween photo:

3. What a tough weekend to be a Dallas sports fan. First, the Rangers get beat in the world series after leading the series 3-2 and having a lead through most of game six. Then, the Cowboys get their butts handed to them on Sunday night. Like I keep saying on Twitter, Go Texans. (Who are 5-3 and leading the division and have a pretty nice schedule for the rest of the season.) (And don’t bother talking about the Astros. They’re terrible. I get it.)

4. It’s Reformation Day! Go out and celebrate, Protestant friends! On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther posted his “95 Theses” on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenburg. It was a bunch of complaints and grievances against the Catholic church, and an attempt to “reform” the church. Instead, there was a bunch of fighting and eventually a split. (Wow- church folks have really changed, huh?) So, if you’re Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian- Today is your day! Sola scriptura! Sola fide! Sola gratia! Solo Christo! Soli Deo Gloria!

5. What are you doing tonight for Halloween? Trick or treating? Carving pumpkins? Church stuff? Leave a comment. I’ll go first.



  1. Jared says:

    I think we’re gonna carve a pumpkin, eat some ribs, and watch “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” Maybe I’ll bust out my guitar and sing some Halloween Carols- Silent Fright, Holy Fright; O Little Town of Deathlehem; Away From The Stranger…you know, the classics.

  2. yeshuab says:

    Brother, I have a newborn and Halloween is Drea’s least favorite holiday so I will be that house that darkens its lights and puts a sign up begging little kids to not ring my doorbell. If that doesnt work I can always sit outside and yell at them. Other than that……just enjoying the new family member.

  3. granna07 says:

    1. Halloween is my least favorite day on the calendar, but we did have a festive party yesterday afternoon to ‘officially’ welcome back our oldest son Ben & his lovely wife Jill & their sweet daughter (our grandgirl) Erika back to SETexas! Their home was decorated with both a fall & Halloween theme and included lots of food, family & friends who are just as happy as we are that they are home again! The kids were encouraged to wear their costumes, too!
    2. Thanks for sharing your obligatory photo of your adorable little family!
    3. We only watched the final 2 innings of Game 6 of the World Series–haven’t been home too much to watch TV lately, and when we do, it’s always on the Golf Channel [imagine that]!
    4. Tonight we plan to join 2 of our children and their children at a Fall Festival in Nederland.
    5. Praying all 4 of you feel better soon and get some much needed sleep!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I think instead of carving pumpkins we should let Sam paint them! Oh wait…that’s a little too adventurous considering the night we just had. Carving it is. Can’t wait to be home. 🙂

  5. April says:

    We are going to attempt to find a trunk or treat or something to let Annabelle trick or treat for a few minutes then we are going to put her to bed and raid her candy. I’m really not in the mood to go, but I made that costume and by-golly, she’s going to have some pictures of her wearing it! 🙂

    “Away from the stranger” made me giggle. I’ll have to learn that one.

  6. Charlotte Bailey says:

    Paul & I are spending a quiet night at home, ALONE!!! all our tricksters are out visiting the family. For us it’s steak & tater night and of course The Wheel!
    Happy Fall Ya’ll,
    Aunt Charlotte & Uncle Paul

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