Five Fast Facts (Version 5.0)

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Fun Stuff, Words
  1. Our church is about to get super busy. Events we have coming up: Fall Fest, Veteran’s day meal, baby supplies drive for local pregnancy help center, Thanksgiving meal, Advent stuff, toy drive, Christmas stuff, candlelight service. The next three months are going to FLY by.
  2. Ben Emerson’s blog is one of my favorite things on the web. We’ve talked about him before. He’s blogging his way through the Bible, one chapter at a time and it’s great. Visit his site, bookmark it, and follow along.
  3. I recently got a reusable K-Cup for our Keurig coffee maker, and it’s the best. I also got a bean grinder and have been buying whole beans instead of ground coffee. I’ll admit that it’s more about the experience than the flavor, but I love it. Do you drink coffee? Grind beans? Have a Keurig? Any recommendations?
  4. I will cry every single time I see one of those “soldier surprises family” reunion clips. You do too. Is there anything on the planet more moving? Geez, America. Keep up the good work.
  5. We’ve raised 40% of the $550 needed to buy ten water filters. Click here to read the post about what’s going on, click here to go directly to the donation site, and please tell everyone you know to help. If you drank 64 ounces of water everyday for 80 years, that would be 14,600 gallons. One of these water filters can produce a million gallons of water. It’s no exaggeration to say that these are live-saving devices. Please help.

So, what are you doing this weekend?

  1. TMZ says:

    Thanks for mentioning/linking that Ben Emerson blog! Sounds awesome. Can’t wait till he hits Chronicles.

  2. #4-I’m not too proud to admit it. They get me every time!
    #5-Great work with raising $ for filters.
    I love the short post with 5 thoughts. I might steal the idea. I mean borrow….sorry.

  3. jlhall1107 says:

    # 1 Yes indeed we are about to become VERY busy! But every single event is going to be worth every single second of work!!! I have no doubt! You forgot to mention that I’m sure choir practice is going to begin SOON. People get ready!!
    # 2 Thank you for the reminder about the Emerson blog. I have checked it out and really enjoyed it! With all the switching around of computers, back surgery, etc., etc., I had forgotten about his blog. I will go back to it and bookmark it!
    # 3 How does anyone exist without coffee?? I don’t have a Keurig. You should bring yours one Sunday night and incorporate it into a lesson!! AHAA!!! CHALLENGE FOR YOU!!! 🙂 My favorite coffee is actually coffee with flavored creamer, French Vanilla and Italian Cream being my favorite cream flavors. I do, however, have an addiction to StarBucks White Chocolate Mocha Cappacino, WITH whipped cream!! YUM!!!
    # 4 Being someone who has experience the return of two soldiers for their R & R from Iraq, return from Iraq, even their return from bootcamp of all three of my boys, none of them were surprises, but equally emotional for me!! I don’t know when I cried more, when sending them off to war, or when seeing their face getting off the bus or plane and knowing they are safe.
    # 5 The simple fact that ONE filter produces over a MILLION CLEAN gallons of water, just amazes me. What amazes me more is the fact that more people are not jumping on this band wagon!! COME ONE PEOPLE!!! OK…I CHALLENGE each of you to make a donation of whatever you can to help get clean water to those without it. You know you want to, so…….
    JUST DO IT!!!!!!!
    Have a great night Jared!! And anyone else who is reading! God bless you, every one!!!

  4. randomlychad says:

    I love Ben’s blog!

    I love coffee!

    Not necessarily in that order.

    And you’re pretty cool, too, Jared!

    I been having fun with guest posting lately, so… when are we gonna swp, man?

  5. efchristi says:

    Coffee is my mainstay, I can’t start my day without it. I drink it strong and black.

    This is my weekend to visit The Oakwood House and sing for the residents. Jared should invite me down to sing for his church family. I sing the old songs accupella so that you hear the message in the words.

    It is always touching to see a soldier and his family reunited.

    Everyone should give something the purchase that filter, donate what it would cost for coffee for one day- everyone needs clean water.

    This is the busy season for our church also, plus we are practicing for the Christmas special in choir.

    I also have a blog, not quite like Jared’s, but something to think about.

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