My version of the “Accent Blog”

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Videos
  1. yeshuab says:

    If I used words to describe what I thought it would not be enough….

  2. Edwin Christian says:

    Well, it is different, to say the least. I enjoyed seeing you again and hearing your voice. It is good to know you are a live person..Ha, even though you still have not commented on my page. Have a blessed day Jared and give our love to Liz and the boys.


  3. I don’t hate your vlog.

    I also hope Sonic ice becomes the norm for in-house icemakers.

  4. Amy Llanes says:

    I, of course, appreciate the dance response. Its kind of why I do what I do. But thoroughly enjoyed the vlog and have to admit I have not heard of it before. I love new things.

  5. yeshuab says:

    I hope for the ice as well!

  6. jlhall1107 says:

    I must agree to the ice maker, and it should always be full!

  7. randomlychad says:

    Very cool, Jared! Now I have a sense of your “voice,” and will “hear” it when I read BDB.

    Maybe I oughtta do me one o these on my blog?

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