8 Questions with Knox McCoy

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Words
Back in January, when I was first getting my blog up and running, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a group of bloggers who have helped show me the ropes, and consistently produce awesome content. Knox McCoy is one of those guys.
Whether he’s explaining the appeal of a 90’s sitcom star, or highlighting some of his favorite fellow bloggers, Knox is one worth following. Like, for realsies.
So, last week, I tracked him down (emailed him) and asked (threatened) if I could interview him for BDB. He agreed (reluctantly) because he’s such a cool (terrible) guy. Enjoy.
1. How you doing, Knox? (If that is your real name…)
My first name is Randall and my middle name is Knox. Which one would you have gone with?
2. I like that shirt. Old Navy?
I’m actually naked. WHAT? You don’t email naked? Weirdo.
3. Word on the street is that you and your wife are about to have a kid. Any chance you’d name it “DeReal McCoy”?
Would you believe it took me over 10 minutes to figure out why you chose “DeReal”?
(FYI- Knox and his wife have since welcomed their little girl into the world. Congrats, buddy!)
4. Your most popular blog posts seem to be your recaps of “The Bachelor.” You even wrote a book called “Jesus and the Bachelorette.” (available for only $4.99!)
I’ve never seen a single episode, so sell me on it. What’s so great about that show?
Absolutely nothing. It’s awful. I take a shower every time I finish watching it. But it’s compelling because it’s so hateable.

You know how when Bin Laden died, most everybody was like, “It’s generally a positive thing that he died?” The Bachelorette is similar in it’s ability to unify people in frustration towards the human beings involved in the show.

This idea of frustration led to my book which is an examination of the ideas of Love (The Bachelorette) and Faith (modern Christianity) and how both can be REALLY frustrating for people in and outside each.

5. What are your top five favorite TV shows of all time?
The Wire.
Breaking Bad
Friday Night Lights
The Sopranos
The Walking Dead (I know. I KNOW. It’s early. But I mean it’s zombies. That’s my jam.)
6. Would you rather eat skunk meat or lick a gas pump handle?
All I have to do is lick the pump handle? DEAL. I’ve probably done that before without provocation. Like if there was Reese Cup residue on it. And yeah, I realize that Reese Cup residue and fecal matter share a lot of properities, but I mean…free Reese Cup residue, ya know? You take that risk, Jared. You take it every time.
7. What are the three websites you visit most often? (Not including your own)
thejosephcraven.com and stantonmartin.com
mandiemariebee.wordpress.com and meetthebuttrams.wordpress.org

And yeah, I realize that I gave you five websites, but I grouped them into 3 groupings so you can’t really argue with that logic.

8. Why should people read your blog and/or your book?

Because I talk about things that piss me off?

Because Saved By The Bell is a popular subject of my posts?

Because I’m not afraid to shed light on how aggressively idiotic I can be?

Because it’s fun to watch someone lose their mind?

Indeed, it is. Thanks, Knox! Now, go read his blog and buy his book. You will not regret it, unless you’re the kind of person who’s prone to regret things, then you might regret it, but I don’t think so.

  1. Edwin Christian says:

    I read his blog because it makes me feel like I am not the only one out here that is losing my mind. Although it may be fun to watch someone lose their mind, it is not fun being the one that is losing their mind. Knowing this has given mesome relief since losing your mind is a painful process, but getting Gods help recovering is a blessing that only one who lost their mind can feel.
    If writing these blogs brings happiness, then who am I to argue?

    Happiness…begins in the heart. Then it grows on the words we share with others, on the wings of the birds in flight, and on the petals of all the flowers,
    Happiness is truely a joy meant to be shared.


  2. Good to know I’m not the only one who emails naked. Though things can get REALLY awkward around the office when I have to contact people….

  3. You will not regret it. In fact, you may or may not instantly become 73% cooler. Knox is a legend. Buy his book right now.

  4. randomlychad says:

    You know, I DMed Knox about pimping his book on my blog, but I didn’t hear back. Guess I didn’t stalk him hard enough.

    You wanna pimp your book, man, I’m open.

    Oh, good interview–sufficiently ridiculous!

    Btw, if Tarver and McCoy ever met IRL, would that result in a universe-ending paradox?

    Also, have you ever been called “Bones?” Because, you know–you kinda look like Karl Urban (with 3 days of stubble & glasses).

  5. robshep says:

    Knox is one funny cat. The naked email part was classic.

  6. I would like to mention that thejosephcraven.com blogs at http://www.thegboat.net. That is all.

  7. Jessica says:

    Thanks, Knox. Check’s in the mail.

    Also? I feel like your comparison of The Bachelor/ette and terrorists was Spot. On.

  8. The Bachelor(ette) is sadly one of me and Court’s guilty pleasures. I’ll definitely check this guy out.

  9. gabriella says:

    Great/weird interview! Instead of Reese’s Cup I would go for Reese’s Pieces!

  10. […] Knox McCoy is one of my favorite bloggers. You may remember that I interviewed him on BDB a few months back. […]

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