Site news coming later this week

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Fun Stuff, Words

Yeah, that’s right. I said news. As in, I’m going to tell you something you didn’t know, and you’re gonna be like, “Wow! I didn’t know that until just now when Jared told me about it!” And you’ll love it and tell all your friends about it and you’ll all send me flowers and cards and gift magazine subscriptions.*


I’m not gonna tell everybody at once, though. I’ll post it first on the BDB Facebook page and let it spread from there. So do yourself (and myself) a favor and click the “Like” button over in the top left corner of this page. See it? Right up there? Click “Like.” Go ahead. I’ll wait.

This is me waiting…

So to recap: Like the Facebook page, News is coming, You’ll send me flowers. Yep- I think that covers it.

Eye ho pew av ache rate day.


  1. Josh says:

    Thank goodness I am a Mad Gab champion or I would have never known that you wanted me to have a great day instead of some sort of mix between an optical organ, garden tool, church seat ailment day.

  2. Edwin Christian says:

    What a novel way to notify your faithful followers there is a new site coming. I feel special, maybe you should send us flowers or candy or something good to eat.

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