Five Fast Facts (Pt. 4b)

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Words

I already did one of these this week, but here’s another:

1. Three years ago today, my dad passed away. I used to doubt people when they’d say, “I think about them everyday,” but it’s true. I think about Dad every single day. He would’ve loved my boys, and I hate that they’ll never get to know him. And last week, something happened that I wanted to tell him about just so I could hear him call it “chicken s***.” It was, and he would’ve, and I miss him.

2. The NFL season starts tonight, and I am stoked. Rumor is that Peyton Manning is out for the season, which makes the Texans a lock to win their division. Also, I’m in two fantasy leagues- one is a regular roster league, the other is a pick em league with a bunch of other bloggers. It’s gonna be a fun year.

3. My mom joined Facebook this week. She just got internet in her house, and my brother (computer genius) was helping her get everything set up, so obviously he signed her up with a Facebook account. She called me after about three days to brag that she had commented on someone’s profile. Then today, I saw that she had updated her status. Before you know it, she’ll be tagging photos and playing Farmville. They grow up so fast…

4. We had a great Bible study at church last night. It was Mark 9, where Jesus says to cut off your body parts. Then we had a discussion about how to know if something is sin, or is it hypocritical to do things at home that you might not do around other people. As a pastor, it was encouraging because the point of the conversation was, “How can I make sure I’m living a life that pleases God?” It was a good talk.

5, I crossed a blogging milestone this week:

So thanks. I really appreciate the fact that you come by here and look at what I post. It’s lots of fun, and you’re a huge part of that. As a thank you, let’s give something away, shall we?

Someone is going to win: A copy of Crazy Love by Francis Chan, the Crazy Love group study DVD, and the CD Better by my friends, The Micah Tyler Band. I’ll also throw in some candy and maybe another book or CD or something. Want to win? Just leave a comment on this post, and post a link to BDB on Twitter or Facebook. I’ll choose a winner this weekend.

Good luck, and thanks again!

  1. Edwin Christian says:

    I would REALLY love to win that prize!

  2. Cynthia L. says:

    I have been stalking your blog for a while, and I really like it…so THANK YOU for posting 🙂

    PS. I would love to win that prize the most.

  3. Discovered your blog yesterday. I look forward to more.

  4. Jennifer Coble says:

    Ohh, Jared! You are just hilarious! 🙂 so, umm…next step for your mom is to get a blog, right?? 😀 ha ha ha!

  5. Jesse Cordova says:

    Happy 10,000! (=

  6. Debbie Cordova says:

    Your first fact is so true…My dad has been gone for over 4 years and not one day goes by that I don’t think about him. I am thankful that he was able to see my kiddos and that my kiddos got to know him and spend time with him while they were younger.
    Also..aren’t moms and facebook too funny…ahhh wait, I bet that’s what my kids say about me! B-)
    I want to win the goodies!

  7. yeshuab says:

    I don’t think I have a deep narcisitiic (sp) desire to win something but I do appreciate what you do. You also inspired me to try blogging again. And I am thankful for the few but meaningful conversations we have had.So friend, I’ll post a link for good measure.

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  9. I like free stuff. 🙂

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