Friendsday Wednesday – Tarver Pt 2

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Friendsday Wednesday

I’ve told you guys about Tyler Tarver a couple of times, but some of you still aren’t listening, so let me tell you again. The guy is a genius. Not a genius like “wow, he’s really smart.” More like a “why does he use so many similes?” kind of genius. He’s the kind of genius where if his life was a movie, you wouldn’t know he’s a genius until the very end when it turns out that candy bar he’s been holding all this time is really the key to the nuclear bomb that was threatening our country. You thought he was just some idiot who loved candy and made jokes at inappropriate times. Turns out he just saved the planet. You should apologize and thank him.

You won’t be disappointed if you visit his website, and you won’t be disappointed x2 if you buy his book, Words and Sentences. In fact, if you are disappointed, he’s promised to name his next kid “Jared Darth Vader Kardashian Tarver.” He’s that confident.

  1. […] pic of amazing ability I drew of a Bible verse, and that person is none other than The Jared of Jared is not only awesome and writes about excellence such as his faith, his humor, but also […]

  2. Edwin Christian says:

    I agree he is a very talented young man and I have ordered his book. You and your friends have a wealth of talent Jared. It truly is a blessing to be counted as your friend

  3. randomlychad says:

    Tha’s just all kinds o’ nasty!

    Who’d a thunk the ancient Israelites knew about the BearvGrylls Man vs. Dung Diet?


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