So, we had a kid

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Words

Yeah, it happened last Friday. His name’s Nate, and he’s pretty cool, I guess. He doesn’t do much- eats, sleeps, yawns, poops. Man, he poops a lot. I think the first night home, every diaper I changed had a little dumpling in it. Ridiculous. Maybe he’s got irritable bowel syndrome or something. Here’s what he looks like:

Nathan Daniel Hollier, 8/26/11, 9 lbs 8 oz, 20 in.

Here’s a pretty picture of his mom hanging out with him:


Here’s me telling him to wake up and come play basketball:


Now we’ve been home for two nights, and we’re pretty tired. We had forgotten that when there’s a newborn around you don’t really sleep much. Plus, we’ve got a two year old to chase around, so that’s a pretty exhausting combo.

Sam’s been good with Nate so far…mostly. He likes to sit with me or Liz and help hold him. He just touches Nate’s little hands, or whispers his name. And then there are moments when Sam tries to eat Nate’s foot, or feed him Cheerios. We gotta watch him.

So, there you have it. We’re now a family of four. I’m sure it’ll be great someday, but right now, I only have three thoughts:

  • I am really tired.
  • When’s the last time I took a shower?
  • I think he just pooped again…

How was your weekend?

  1. Joshua says:

    Brother, Andrea and I will be there soon…praying for y’all

  2. granna07 says:

    Can’t top your weekend! You have a perfect family of four–enjoy this moment in time!

  3. Edwin Christian says:

    As you know, I love to sing and I was singing this weekend at two of our local assisted living homes. It is a blessing to the people at the homes and a blessing for me to be able to share Christ with them through music.

    Nate is adorable as is Liz, I am not so sure about you though, just kidding! I know you have a wonderful family and we pray daily for peace and contentment for you and Liz. Sam will make a super big brother for he has your tender love for people.


  4. April says:

    Congrats on your new little man!

  5. Jessica says:

    He’s precious, Jared! Congratulations! I’ve heard that adding a second one can be quite the ‘doozy’!

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