Five Fast Facts (Numero Tres)

Posted: August 20, 2011 in Words

1. We’re having a baby next week. We’re scheduled for Friday, but Liz doesn’t think she’s gonna make it. She’s been put on bed rest for the weekend, and we go back Monday to see how things are going, but we will definitely have another tax deduction child by this time next week.

2. We watched two good documentaries this week. The first was “Exporting Raymond.” It’s about one of the creators of the TV show “Everybody Loves Raymond” and his attempt to adapt the show for Russian TV. It was really funny, and if you watch it, hang around until the credits are done rolling. You don’t want to miss the final shot of the theater master. Trust me. We also watched “Waiting for Superman,” about the country’s public education system. It’s no secret that it’s kind of a broken system, and this doc did a good job explaining some of the reasons why.

3. I’m excited about football. Seriously, is there anything better than sitting on the couch for an entire Sunday watching football? The correct answer is no. And I honestly think the Texans have a playoff team this year, which will make it even better.

4. I’m not excited about preseason football. I understand that everybody needs to warm up for the season. Players, coaches- even the TV crews need a couple of weeks to get ready. But I, as a fan and viewer, just can’t get into it, because the teams aren’t really into it. There’s nothing on the line, and they play like it. It’s the equivalent of watching an Olympic track runner go for a light jog.

5. The Harry Potter books are incredible. I read them at the beginning of the summer, and they’re great. I devoured them. Every night, for about six weeks. It was an incredible ride. I’ve got a blogger friend who was recently told that because he read and enjoyed Harry Potter, he doesn’t love Jesus. That’s crap from a bull. Read them!

Your turn! Educate us, tell us something, give us a fact- ready? Set? Smoke a cigarette! HAHA…oh, man. GO!

  1. Edwin Christian says:

    1) We are just about as excited that your new baby is coming soon. I know Liz is ready.

    2) Ann loves that show, but I think it is really messed up.

    3) I don’t care about football on TV. If I can go see a game at the stadium I would love the day. I can think of several better things to do on a Sunday afternoon than ignore my family.

    4) I read every Harry Potter book also and enjoyed them very much. I still love Jesus.

    5) God is good all the time! All the time God is good!

    6) We sincerely wish you a blessed weekend!

  2. randomlychad says:

    Congratulations on your new baby, blogging buddy! How exciting!

    As regards #5: thanks for the shout out and link love!

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