Why I haven’t blogged in nearly a month

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Serious Stuff, Words

I’ve got this weird, briefly-obsessive personality. By “briefly-obsessive,” I mean that I get really into things for very short periods of time, then walk away from them.

For example, in recent years I have taken up (and put down):

  • Origami
  • Fantasy football
  • Piano
  • Golf
  • Mandolin
  • Bass guitar
  • Crochet
  • Balloon animals
  • Juggling
  • Sudoku
  • Crossword puzzles

among other things. And I don’t just casually take up a hobby- I dive in head first. I spend money. I buy books. I google everything about it and stare at websites. It’s ridiculous. I did this with this blog, too. If you were to go back and look at my posts, you can kinda see it happening. It started off with a couple of posts a week, but before long I was posting every day. I got obsessed.

I joined a forum to talk to other bloggers about blogging. I downloaded a blogging app on my phone so I could constantly check my traffic. There were days that I felt really good about myself because lots of people came by and left comments. Unfortunately, the opposite was true sometimes, too- there were days that I let my self-esteem take a hit because not many people looked at my blog.

That’s just dumb.

Luckily, July has been a really busy month. We’re having a baby next month, lots of activities at the church, lots of stuff to do around the house. It’s been good for me to forget about BDB for a while.

I still love it, and I’m gonna get back to blogging on a regular basis, but I gotta be careful not to let it consume me the way it was starting to do.

When I type all this out, I realize how silly it seems. But if you’re a “serious” blogger, I know you can relate. I know what you/we talk about. “How do I get my traffic up? How do I improve my SEO? More? Bigger? Lots?” So, I quit for a while.

I’ve got some posts planned for next week. I promise to start blogging again if you’ll promise to remind me every once in a while not to do it too much. Deal? Deal.

Have you ever let something benign become destructive?

  1. Edwin Christian says:

    You know, I believe this is something we all go through at some time in our life. Mine was the marshall arts.
    After an accident I was started into the arts to build my strength up in my right side. Before I knew it, I was going three nights a week and then it was tournaments and more and then started teaching on my own. Then it was the Nationals and more studying. Now I am a seventh degree black belt and a Zen Master and for no real reason just stopped practicing the arts. When I commit to something I go all out until I can go no more.
    I do however look forward to Jared’s BDB posts to smooth out my days. I missed his posts and am glad he is going to start again.

  2. April says:

    I can relate. Totally. I’ve toyed with completely becoming a “mommy blogger”, but I’m afraid of myself. I get too wrapped up in numbers and I take slow days personally. That’s why I don’t believe I could go “all the way” in blogging world. I love to write. LOVE IT. I think I’m a good writer, too. However, I can’t allow myself to become a slave to my passions. If some day I become big, that would be cool, but if not…that’s cool too. My self worth should be in Him, and I’m really bad about placing value in anything but what’s important.

    I like your writings. I think your recent conclusions are spot on. 🙂

  3. granna07 says:

    Thanks for answering that question! I thought maybe you were taking a break–glad to see you are back! I do enjoy reading your ‘serious’ type blogging, when you post those, as well as the BDB.
    As far as allowing something ‘benign to become destructive’…the one thing that popped into my head was when I was obsessed with buying beanie babies for my daughter. The bean bags were nearly taking over her room & my life! I would rush out to the local beanie baby store to purchase the latest & greatest bean bag, including driving all over the neighboring counties, buying Happy Meals that contained ‘teeney beanie babies’…oh my::what a waste of time & dollars! The assortment of beanies eventually got packed away into a huge plastic tub, hidden in a closet for well over a decade. However, the grandbabies have discovered them, so now they are joyfully being recycled! Needless to say, if I could have a do-over of my life, I would NOT spend money on those cute little ‘bags of beans’!
    Oh, and bestest wishes to you, Liz & Sam on the new boy baby-to-be! I can attest to the fact that having 2 boys close in age is a ton of fun!

  4. Jared, as a fellow trivial obsessive junkie, I can’t begin to explain how many times I’ve had that conversation with myself. Solidarity Now.

  5. Severus says:

    Oh Jared. Let’s not forget what was really taking up all of your time this past month. Detention. My office. Every Saturday for the rest of term.

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