Friendsday Wednesday – A FREE eBook from Jeff Goins

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Friendsday Wednesday, Words

One of my favorite bloggers, Jeff Goins, has just released a short eBook called “The Writer’s Manifesto.” It’s a call to write for the right reasons.

A few months ago, I read Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott (and recently reviewed it here). In the book, which is a written version of the writing workshop she teaches, Lamott talks about how many of her students want to be published more than they want to write. Her book, and Jeff’s manifesto are both a call to write because it’s what you really want to do. Don’t write to get noticed, popular, rich, influential- write because it’s what you want to do.

And this isn’t just good advice for writing, but for any work that you love. Drawing, painting, whittling, singing, building stuff, repairing stuff- if it’s in your blood to do it, then do it just for the sake of getting to do it, not as a means to something else.

Click here to download “The Writer’s Manifesto”.

Click here to visit Jeff’s blog.

  1. joshfults says:

    Definitely some good thoughts here. Big parallel here with Christian living. I feel like so often we do, in fact, do things to get things. Instead we should have a heart full of passion that drives our behavior!

  2. joshfults says:

    You also have me wanting to read Bird by Bird.

  3. Edwin Christian says:

    Wonderful thoughts!

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