Five Fast Facts! (Vol. 2)

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Words
  1. Hoarders is one of the most intriguing shows on TV. There was a marathon on A&E yesterday, and it’s just amazing what these people keep. Old clothes, toys, books, magazines are one thing, but there was a lady who had hundreds of plastic bags full of her own- um…waste. That’s right, she was hoarding poo.
  2. Sam is having tubes put in his ears Thursday. Of course, he’s not even two years old so he doesn’t know it’s happening. But you could pray for him. That’d be nice of you.
  3. This is the best blog post I’ve read this week: It’s about how pastors sometimes become property of the church, and how that’s no good. I liked it a lot.
  4. We’ve got another baby coming in nine weeks. And I’m stoked. His name is Nate, and he’s gonna be awesome, though probably not very athletic. We’ve tried telling Sam that a baby’s on the way, but he’s more interested in his Elmo book and cereal and picking his nose than talking about babies. (By the way, unless it’s my own kid, I’m more interested in those things, too.)
  5. The Civil Wars station on Pandora is gold. I’m not kidding. It plays Damien Rice, Joshua Radin, Iron and Wine, etc. It’s like someone filled a music boat with awesome then set sail into my eardrums. It’s so good.

Your turn: share a fact or two in the comments section. And by fact, I mean fact or opinion or conspiracy theory.

  1. Edwin Christian says:

    1. I will pray for Sam and the family.

    2. There is nowhere in the bible that mentions forgive and forget. However Hebrews 8:12 and Ephesians 4:3 give us good reason to do just that.

  2. JIrvine says:

    1. EWWWWW… That was a very CRAPPY thing for her to do. HEYO! *self high 5* AmIRight?
    2. We’ve Got to Pray Just To Make It Today. PRAY!
    3. Good Read… Very true…Liked his thought process…
    4. DID YOU SAY SOMETHING ABOUT ELMO, CEREAL AND THAT I HAVE A HANGER?!?!?!?!?……………….Congrats to both you and Nate!
    5. PANDORA?!?!?! I can’t believe you are listening to a program named after a mythological Greek character…that is SO unChristian of you…I listen to Slacker..the name of the program fits me better.

    1. Horrible Joke
    2. Horrible MC Hammer reference
    3. Being serious
    4. Ok..for reals..I just got Elmo and something about cereal out of this… and YES I am digging for gold up there!
    5. Once again a horrible attempt at a joke… although I am clearly a slacker since I am at work right now.

  3. jlhall1107 says:

    Will be praying for Sam and his mom and dad!! I’ve been there and I know it can be scary, but you will be so amazed at the difference in him after the tubes you will be asking yourself why you didn’t get this done sooner!! If y’all need anything, just give a holler!!
    Only 9 weeks left? WOW!!! Can’t wait to meet little Nate!!!
    You are such a nut case!! But we love you anyway! By the way, do you have a back up plan just in case Nate decides to make his arrival on Sunday morning?
    Love you guys and be sure to let us know if you need anything!!! Will be praying!!

  4. I may be weird, but I just got really intrigued with that first fact and really want to watch this poo episode. I bet that made it onto Tosh.0. I now know if I ever want my 15 minutes of fame I can just hoard something weird..Maybe fish sticks?

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