Mini Monday – 100th Post!

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Pictures, Words

Boom. We did it, America, and here’s the proof. Post number 100. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

I’m really not sure how to celebrate. Champagne? Flowers? Chocolates? (It’s too early, they die, sounds tasty but I don’t need ’em.)

So I looked around at some other blogs that have hit the 100 mark to see what they did to mark the occasion. A few put up a list of 100 things- either “100 things about me” or a bucket list kinda thing. I’m not 100 things worth of interesting, so PASS.

I also saw several that listed their “Top Posts so far.” That would mean I’d put up a list differentiating between the post that three people read and the one that five people read. That’s bad for my self-esteem. PASS.

Let’s try this instead: I’m going to list five questions and ask you to answer them in the comments section. I’ll go first- hopefully not last. Here’s the list:

  1. What is your full name? (Please include suffixes, prefixes, and embarrassing middle names.)
  2. Have we ever met for-realsies? Or are we just internet friends?
  3. Would you rather get punched in the stomach by a professional boxer or drink an 8 oz glass of mop water from a gas station bathroom?
  4. What would you suggest I do to make BDB better?
  5. What’s your favorite Bible story?

Ready? Set? Smoke a cigarette! Haha…oh man. I got you good.

For real this time. Ready? Set? GO!

  1. Jared says:

    1. Jared Daniel Hollier
    2. We met the day I was born and have been best friends ever since.
    3. That’s a tough one. Probably drink the gross water. Less chance of permanent damage or the need for surgery afterward.
    4. Make it better, don’t be a dork.
    5. When Nathan the prophet confronts David about his affair with Bathsheba. 2 Samuel 12.

  2. Jenni says:

    1. (Mrs.) Jennifer Jo Corbet Sherrod
    2. I think I first met you when you were in kindergarten, but I’ve known your sweet mom longer than that!
    3. Do I HAVE to answer this one??? I’d like to be exempt from this question or else… I may have to share some really old photos of you or tell some old stories 🙂
    4. You are doing a super great job! Very unique blog & I don’t know how you have time to keep up with it!
    5. There are SO MANY faves, but I still like to read and re-read the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. Pamela George says:

    1. Pamela Lynnette McKinney George

    2. You are the Pastor of my church

    3. Punched in the stomach, i know what to expect that way

    4. It’s great just like it is! Love it.

    5. I love Revelations! The whole book.

  4. Claudia Lowery says:

    1. Claudia Joan Barlow Lowery (but Mom used to call me Claudia Joan Marie Louise…go figure)
    2. We’ve met for realsies and shared many a snack in the church office and a million hours in a van on the way back from New Mexico mission trip.
    3.Either way my stomach is in for big trouble. Too gross to even imagine, I’m thinking men’s or women’s bathroom? I might chance it on the girls…and I’m a girl where pain is concerned.
    4.How can you improve on perfection?
    5.The woman who washed Jesus feet and dried them with her hair. Jesus told the Pharisees that she had “done a beautiful thing” and she would be remembered for it. She was forgiven much so she loved much…that would be me…a whole lotta stuff for Him to forgive.

    • Jared says:

      2. My in-laws paid $6 for some store bought firecrackers last week. I set them straight with the “recipe.”
      3. Men vs Women is a good point.
      4. You’re sweet. Also, you lie! 😉

  5. Edwin Christian says:

    1. Edwin Fletcher Christian

    2. We have met and are friends, I think.

    3. Looking at the ramifications of each, I would rather be punched.

    4. You do a great job! I would suggest you use posts from friends more often.

    5. My favorite bible story is David and Goliath.

    • Jared says:

      1. Can I call you Fletch?
      2. Forever.

      • Edwin Christian says:

        Of course you can call me Fletch! I love that name and have been called it most of my life. Fletcher is the name of mt great uncle of Mutiny On The Bounty days and is my namesake.

  6. 1. Zechariah John Kelley Brewer, Jr.
    2. I’m from the internet. Last I checked, you were, too.
    3. punch me. I think I have better odds that way.
    4. Haven’t been reading long enough to know what to say.
    5. Hard to pick one. I’ll come back to that one.

  7. Mehgan Drake says:

    1. Mrs. Mehgan Christeen Pedigo Drake…although I’ve dropped the Pedigo.
    2. For Realsies…although I think it’s been a very long time since I’ve seen you or Liz besides FB.
    3. Punch me…Either way you’ll probably throw up but, you can’t catch disease that way.
    4. I think BDB is pretty cool just the way it is!
    5. Genesis 24–When Abraham sends his eldest servant to find Isaac a wife. And the servant is praying and before he even is finished Rebekah shows up. And then how everything just goes so smoothly, that the servant can’t help but fall on his face and praise God. God’s sovereignty shown here gives me goose bumps!

  8. Jesse says:

    1. Jesse Denise Cordova

    2. For realz. two years ago. i lived with you and liz for a week. it happened. (=

    3. Punched. for sure. better story. would rather experience pain than death, at the moment.

    4. Idk, it entertains me. but…. i think *t-shirts by bdb* needs to happen.

    5. Chariot, Fire, Horses… Elijah!

  9. Mandy says:

    1. Amanda Rhea Hollier (Schlientz for 9 yrs) Cooper
    2. The day you were born or shortly thereafter.
    3. Punch me. At least I have a chance to recover & they may go easy on me since I’m a girl!
    4. It’s great, I just wish I read it more often.
    5. Anything that has to do with God reminding us everything happens in His time, not ours.

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