6 Things I’m Excited About Right Now

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Words

1. Catalyst Dallas – Craig, Waylon and I are on our annual trip to the Catalyst leadership conference, only this year, instead of Atlanta, GA we’re in DFW. Very excited to be there.

2. Eric Peters concertEric Peters is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, and he’s coming to Peachtree to do a concert on Sunday, May 22. Not only is he a great musician, he’s one of the nicest guys on the planet. He’s gonna do a concert Sunday, then we’re gonna play golf on Monday. (By the way, you’re invited!)

3. Judges 7 – I’ve been studying this chapter while getting ready for a revival I’m preaching next week, and it’s a great reminder that God doesn’t need a ton of resources to change the world. He can defeat large armies with a handful of faithful followers. As a small church pastor in a small town, that’s a very encouraging passage of scripture.

4. Revival – I’m preaching one in Newton this Sunday-Wednesday. Very excited about what God’s going to do there, and thankful to be a part of the action.

5. Books – I’ve finished a couple of really good ones lately (this one and this one), I just bought a couple more(this and this), and I know I’ll buy even more at the conference this week. Remember kids: “Readers are Leaders.”

6. Our anniversary – This Saturday, Liz and I celebrate six years of marriage. Marrying her is one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. Our marriage isn’t perfect, but it’s great. I love her more today than I ever have, and I still look forward to spending the rest of my life with her.
Your turn: What’s something you’re excited about right now?

  1. Raegan says:

    I’m excited about my business. If only I can get it off the ground. And Jared, your excitement is contagious.

    BTW, I think we need to start a book-exchange program. I would love to read some of the books you listed.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I got a contract today! WooHoo!!!!

  3. Travis Maines says:

    Congrats Elizabeth. I know you guys were stressed. We’re happy for you.

  4. I am re-entering into the states May 29th (my dad’s birthday) after 11 months of missions! Not that missions ever stops… but I’m glad that the new turf will come with English speaking people, toilets that don’t require me to stand while I use them, and most importantly, A NEW SEASON of living and calling. Here’s a toast to the great transition of life we live in!!!

  5. Judy Hall says:

    1. I am excited to be reading a couple of books about God speaking to me. I know He is speaking to me, calling me to do something, so I am excited to prayerfully be able to understand what He is calling me to do. I want to serve my savior in the way He wants me to serve.
    2. I’m excited to be sitting here in my comfy chair, smelling some of my gardenias the Lord blessed me with. I love that smell!
    3. I am excited and happy that Liz received a contract! YAY!!
    4. I am so pleased and thankful that the Lord brought us some much needed rain! Funny though, it waited for Jared, Craig, and Waylon to all be gone before it rained! Hmmmm 🙂 Love you guys!!
    5. I am thankful that God is asking me to do something for Him. If God wants me to do something, it must be special! I am so excited that He is entrusting me with this task. I just pray I am able to understand what He is calling me to do.
    6. I’m hopeful and excited about any women’s ministry information Jared and the boys may bring back with them!
    7. And finally, as Lia said, I am excited to start a new and fresh season of my life, living for God and letting everything else land where God wants it to. Thank you Lord!
    You guys have fun, get lots of good info to share! Be careful on the way back, and I’m sorry your topside neighbors are so loud, but I’m thankful you didn’t have to sleep in the car!!! Be safe on your way back!

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