Movie Deal-Breakers

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Words

If this applies to that movie, I’m not watching:

  • Based on a book by Nicholas Sparks.
  • It’s about a horse.
  • Starring Reese Witherspoon.
  • Someone alive falls in love with someone dead, or vice versa.
  • Live action animals with CGI mouths.
  • Babies fighting crime.
  • “Tyler Perry’s” anything.
  • A group of sassy women bond over a break up.
  • Starring a country singer or professional wrestler. (Pure Country is the singular exception.)

Your turn. Finish this sentence: I refuse to see a movie that ______________.

Ready? Set? Go!

  1. Matthew says:

    1. Animals fighting crime
    2. A female is the lead in a superhero movie (ie Catwoman, Elektra)
    3. Any movie with Paul Walker
    4. Any movie that has a cover like this:
    5. Any scary movie. Period.
    6. Any movie where an abled body female falls in love with a special needs male.

  2. Travis Maines says:

    I refuse to see any movie that:
    1) is or will eventually be shown on lifetime
    2) is produced/written/supported by Michael Moore
    3) is a spinoff of an MTV show or star members of an MTV show
    4) stars a nice-guy as a tough guy or vice-versa (ex Vin Diesel + Chronicles of Riddick = Good, Vin Diesel + The pacifier= Bad, George Clooney in Ocean’s 11/12/13=Good, George Clooney as Batman=way bad)
    5)is in the Anime genre
    6) is a spoof or sequel to a movie that wasn’t any good in the first place. (Most spoofs are bad anyway)

  3. Martha says:

    1. Is based on an 80’s TV show.
    2. Involves exes who are forced to collaborate.
    3. The trailer features the song “Who Let the Dogs Out?”.
    4. Is a sports underdog story (haven’t we seen every possible outcome by now?).
    5. Sophisticated _____ teaches rough, inter-city _____ to _____.

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