Blogs I Like (Part 2)

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Words

Last week, I gave you a short list of some blogs I like to read, all written by people I don’t know personally. But, I do have real friends, you know. People I’ve met and talked to and spent significant time with. Some of them maintain blogs, too. Here they are- go visit them:


My Wife –

Liz blogs about our family, her job teaching, and various thoughts on God, life, etc. She’s cute. I like her. Maybe I’ll ask her out.


Jeff Stapleton –

Jeff is the youth minister at Crossroads Baptist Church in Marshall. He has guest posted on this site, and keeps up his own blog about youth ministry and other adventures.


April McGrew – and

I may be the only guy who visits these blogs. April’s a friend of ours from college, and now she gets to be stay at home mom to a cute kid named Annabelle. She writes gooder than some other persons does.


Matt Richard –

Matt is another college friend who is now the pastor at Eastwood Baptist Church in Gatesville, TX. He’s got some great insight, and he’s really smart.


Sam Adams –

Sam and I were college roommates, and he’s one of the smartest guys I know. He’s what you’d call a “critical thinker,” and on his blog he calls himself “Texan. Anglican. Awesome.” Also, he farms now.


If I left you off of this list, it could very well be that I don’t know about your blog. If you have one, please leave a comment with the title, web address, and a brief description of it’s content.


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