Friendsday Wednesday – Ed Christian

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Friendsday Wednesday, Pictures

Ed and I got to know one another while I was on staff at Crossroads Baptist Church in Marshall. He is a faithful reader of BDB, and sent in a drawing and accompanying article called “Signaling Your Intentions.”

Signaling Your Intentions by Ed Christian

As I was going home from work the other day, I found myself behind a driver who kept getting slower and slower , almost to a stop, before she finally turned her signal on to turn into her driveway after another 250 feet of travel. Traffic was higher than normal and there was no passing on this road. Frustrating, but no big issue, though one would think she would be more aware of her location and turn her signal on sooner to give those behind her ample warning that she is about to turn. I remember when I first received my driver’s license; it was the law that you signal your intentions and the police were not shy about pulling you over for failing to signal for your turn. It makes you wonder what has changed over the years, not just signaling your intentions while driving, but also the signals you send out everyday about yourself.

The gospel is full of stories of how Jesus taught his disciples how he intended for them to live after he died. He even told them how he was going to die. No one understood what He really meant, but after he was crucified, the light finally turned on. We have an advantage because of the Bible, and we know, as Christians, we are to set the example that others can see the difference Christ has made in our lives. As Jared has previously indicated on ‘Badly Drawn Bible’ it is our job to win sinners for Christ and the example we set tells those “on the fence” just how much Christianity means to us.

So, ask yourself this question; are you setting the right example to others?  Are you sending the right signals? Do you walk the walk or just talk the talk? Remember, Jesus washed the feet of the disciples before the last supper, so why would you think you are above serving anyone else?

In my job, I receive about 100 emails and text messages a week asking me questions about different things or for some direction. I used to be self centered and arrogant with my responses as I thought some people were pretty stupid for not knowing the answer, but then I was called on it one day and told I was not presenting a good example of a Christian. I was encouraged to change my attitude, which was a hard lesson to learn. And it is not only things like this, but also how we talk to people that can be one of the biggest turnoffs to “fence sitters”. Some think they are better than others because they are Christian. Things like this signal your intentions to others, and let them know what kind of Christian you really are. Trivial, yes, but often it is the little things that most people notice not the big ones.

Now ask yourself again – What signals am I showing others about my intentions? Then remember you may be the only Bible some people see.

  1. Jenni says:

    Great BDB today!

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