Pet Peeves

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Words

About a month ago, I made a comment to a friend about a pet peeve I have. He said, “I like that. This sounds like a good list.” Then I thought, “That would be a fun list…” So here it is, in no particular order- 8 things that drive me up the wall.

  1. Getting wet when I’m not prepared for it. When it’s raining, or when that funny guy sprays you with a hose or spray bottle, etc. If I’m not “playing in water,” I don’t “want to be wet.”
  2. Chunky peanut butter. It’s just dumb and gross. It tears the bread, and worst of all, IT PUTS CHUNKS OF PEANUTS IN YOUR SANDWICH. Do you wash it down with chunky milk? There’s no way anyone really likes that stuff.
  3. People who constantly pop their gum. If I’m chewing bubble gum, I’ll occasionally blow one big bubble, just to see if I still can. That’s fine. You can do that. I’m talking about people who have chewing gum, and constantly pop those little, loud, multi-bubbles.
  4. Continuing to sweat after a shower. This is related to #1, but grosser. I get sweaty, take a shower, get out, get dressed, and only then do I realize that I’m still sweating. Come on, glands! Get with the program.
  5. Reba McEntire’s voice. No explanation needed.
  6. Emotionless covers of great songs. This mostly happens on Christian radio, but country is pretty guilty of it also. (Though I don’t listen to country music, I notice when it happens.) Someone releases a beautiful, meaningful, powerful song, it’s a huge hit, a dozen people cover it but suck all the life and energy out of it. (Would it be too judgmental if I mention Isaiah 29:13? Probably. I won’t do that.)
  7. NCIS. It is sooooooooo bad. I would gladly lick the backside of a skunk if it would get this atrocity of a TV show off the air forever. I’d do that for you, people of Earth. I love you and hate Gibbs and his moronic friends that much.
  8. People who almost drive the speed limit. I’m driving behind you. The sign says 70. You’ve got your cruise set at 68. You’re probably also popping your Doublemint and rocking out to Reba, you four toed wombat- please just speed up or move.

I’m sure there are more, so I’ll amend if/when needed. Now it’s your turn. What are your pet peeves? What things drive you blonkernuts? Let us know in the comments section.

  1. Edwin Christian says:

    Being a controls engineer I try to design my programs to be idiot proof and put an over abundance of failsafes into the software design. More often than not I will get a call, e-mail or text that the unit stopped working and I need to change the program to prevent what just happened. One instance a few weeks ago I was called because one of the cylinders was not showing home even though it was setting at the home switch. I asked have you checked the switch? The response was the light is not on so the program is missing something. The problem was the cable was off the switch.
    Over the years, my patience has gotten better, but sometimes i just plain lose it over something like this where the problem is so obvious and no one seems to notice. That is my pet peeve – we overlook the obvious to try to make life harder or more complicated.I guess I am just getting old for it seems the younger generation is too into technology and not enough into common sense. Or is it I am just cranky!

  2. Theresa says:

    1.People who clog the middle of the isle in Walmart, just standing there talking to their neighbors & friends and act offended when you say “excuse me”.

    2. When you get Walmart to order something special for you, they put it out on the floor before the date they tell you it will be there, and then it’s gone.

    3. When Walmart has carried some item for years then don’t carry it any more.

    Can you tell I spend entirely to much time in Walmart?

  3. Judy Hall says:

    I have to admit I have several pet peeves.
    1. Leaving one or two sheets of paper on the toilet paper roll!
    2. Men not lowering the seat!
    3. Someone leaving trash from something you have eaten or drank just laying around wherever you finished it, waiting for someone else to pick it up for you and throw it away.
    4. Expecting something from someone just because…(you fill in the blank)
    5. Parents yelling at their children in a store! If they are willing to yell like that at their children in public, imagine what they are willing to do at home!
    6. Parents who make no attempt to discipline their children.
    7. Children who show no appreciation for what their parents do for them.
    8. People who answer a call on their cell phones in dr offices, restaurants, any public place. First of all, SHUT OFF THE RING TONE, it’s probably something stupid or offensive anyway. Secondly, TAKE YOUR CALL OUTSIDE IF IT IS THAT IMPORTANT!!!
    9. Not being able to find cute clothes for plus size women locally, and not very easily on the internet!!!
    10. Text messaging while talking to someone. That is just so rude!! (I have to admit I have been guilty of this one, but I’m working on it!)
    Jared, I agree with you on #’s 1, 2, 4, 8. However, I disagree with you on Reba. I love her voice. Have you ever heard her sing gospel? I love it. And, cheezy as it may be, we do enjoy watching NCIS.
    Theresa, I agree with you 100% on all pet peeves regarding Walmart, and here is another. When you go to Walmart to get something, and it is not in its normal place, so you ask an associate. “I don’t know, they used to be over here, I’m sorry I can’t help you” Kind of reminds me of Patrick on Spongebob. Then you continue walking around the store and find whatever it was you were looking for, on the totally opposite side of the store in some totally illogical place!!!
    OK, that’s my three cents worth!

  4. Mandy Cooper says:

    Wow, I just thought I had a few pet-peeves but reading the above lists, I guess I have quite a few also.

    1st some of the things I disagree with from the above lists:
    I like chunky peanut butter, just not on a sandwich-chunky peanut butter spoon, please! & I like Reba.
    Pet Peeves I have:
    1. Making noises while eating. Close your mouth please.
    2. Mis-spelling. Please read over what you have typed & use spell check. I’m bad about capitalization, but spelling. Please. My 4th grade son can spell better than a lot of adults. (& he’s not a great speller at all!)
    3. Disrespectful children. This usually stems from no discipline at home though.
    & that’s my 2-cents worth for now.

  5. Diane says:

    I love crunchy peanut butter. I only eat jiff EXTRA crunchy in fact.

  6. Edwin Christian says:

    Reading these responses, I think I will pray for all of you. My response was lame enough, but you put me to shame. God bless you all!

  7. Travis Maines says:

    I have too many pet peeves to list. But I can’t believe you just dogged NCIS. I am disappointed in you sir.

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