Easter Weekend

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Words

Dear fellow pastors and church leaders,

This weekend is a huge opportunity. Huge. Don’t miss it.

This Sunday, there will be people in your pews who come once a year. Make sure they hear about Jesus.

I have been praying for you, us, all week. That God would give us boldness, courage, and a passion for His salvation to come this weekend. I’ve been praying against timidity, fear, and the temptation to “give them what they want” instead of what they need. (Hint: They need a Savior.)

My concern is that many preachers will view the upcoming weekend as a chance to grow their church. “If I preach a good one, maybe they’ll come back next week.” This weekend, even though you’ll probably have a packed house, put your concern for attendance at your own church on the back burner and be concerned with growing the kingdom by saving souls. Don’t depend on your content to get them to come back. Depend on the work of God in their hearts. If you get them with a good sermon, you’ll lose them with a lousy one. If God gets their heart, He’s got them forever.

As a baseball fan, it is frustrating to see your favorite team stand at the plate and watch strike three drift by them. This weekend is a slow moving curve, hanging over the center of the plate. Swing for the fences. Preach the gospel. Be expectant. Be prepared. Fill up your baptistery Saturday night in anticipation. Trust God to move and save.

Don’t miss it.

2 Timothy 4:1-5

  1. Edwin Christian says:

    This is possibly the best post I have ever seen on this site. I am afraid that too many pastors are more into building their flock than winning souls for the Lord. I have to add, however, it is not just the pastors duty to win souls; our duty as Christians is to lead others to Christ. We need to be talking to these “once a year people” and lead them to the Lord.
    I applaud Jared for saying what most people feel, but than again let us not lay it all on the pastor and church leaders.

    Edwin Christian

  2. Judy Hall says:

    I totally agree with you Edwin. Jared hit the nail on the head, now we just have to be willing to lift our own hammers! We need to be inviting and talking to everyone we can to get them there, sitting in those pews. But, we need to prepare them for what they are going to hear. We need to start the conversation about the path to Jesus, let Jared (or other pastors) continue the conversation, and then we need to continue talking to these folks all through the year and get them in that church for the RIGHT reasons and on more than just Easter and Christmas! So many people who were saved as young children seem to believe that it is okay to just attend church two times a year, “wipe your slate clean” live like you want, and then wipe the slate clean again at the next holiday. We have to remove that mindset from them!! I know of several people that I will be working on!!

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