Posted: April 17, 2011 in Pictures

I am so thankful to each of the following people who took time out of their schedules to compose a work and send it in. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I do.


Mandy Cooper


Spring Storms by Claudia Lowery

The immense and heavy-moving sky

is dark, cumbersome with indigo—

foreboding, warning of storms ahead.

But blackened wings take opportunity

on lifting currents to coast and float

just below the lowering clouds.

For fun, for thought, for serenity

they dip and dive, waver, hover and pause

without care…without fear

of danger lurking overhead.

They trust the Maker of the storm

who carries them on lifted wing

and safely on the wind.


Travis Maines


Jessica Willoughby


One Bad Haiki That Doesn’t Follow The Rules of a Haiku
By Craig Foster

Spring has sprung?
Mowing in a cloud
of dust


Jeff Stapleton


Spring on an Indian Reservation by Ed Christian

I spent the early years of my life on the Navaho Indian Reservation in the high desert of Northern Arizona and my favorite time of the year was spring. We lived with my grandfather on the far western end of the reservation, close to the east end of the Grand Canyon. Spring was always the most beautiful time of the year, with the cactus flowers blooming and the birds and animals giving birth. It was the season of new life for all of us. You may not not know the Navaho, called the people of the earth, devote most of their life taking care of what land God has given him to live off. Spring to us means the rebirth of the earth as all the new growth and life remind us that God has kept his promise to provide for us according to the riches of His glory. Grandfather would take me to see the new growth in the canyon and to show me the rushing water washing new life in to the Colorado River running through the canyon. We would make plans for a float trip through the canyon in the near future. We would prepare the soil for our plants and plant our seeds with hopes of a good growing season and enough rain to keep the ground moist while they grew. Although spring was my favorite season, it was also the shortest season as summer comes early in the desert.


"Spring is tough for a nerd like me."

Jared Hollier


Judy Hall


Next week: “Summer”

  1. Claudia Lowery says:

    Thanks for the invite, Jared. I enjoyed ALL submissions. Jeff! I love your artwork!

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