Cookie Cake

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Words

Whenever I go to a kid’s birthday party, and they have one of those Great American Cookie Cakes, I have mixed emotions. On one hand, I get really excited because, let’s be honest, those things are amazing. (The next time someone starts talking to me about doubting the existence of God, I’ll just hand them a slab of cookie cake and yell, “Boom! Heaven is real and a slice of it is in yo face!”) But at the same time, I feel disgruntled, because I never feel like I get enough. I could have eaten three big, icing-covered pieces, and I’d still want more. It’s just. That. Good.

I would eat this in one sitting if it: A) was socially acceptable, and B) wouldn't immediately give me diabetes.


I think in that sense, prayer is like a cookie cake. I know that it’s great, and when I get some of it, I love it. But no matter how much of it I do, I never feel like it’s enough. And I pray a lot. I’m not bragging- in fact that’s more of a confession than a brag. I pray a lot because I have to. If I didn’t, I would just be a total jackass all the time. When I get annoyed with Liz, I pray to keep from saying something stupid. When Sam’s getting on my nerves, I pray to keep from locking him in the pantry. When I get cut off in traffic, when a church member says something I don’t like, when my lawnmower throws a belt, when my burger takes longer than I think it should to get to my window, when money is tight, when I can’t find my other sock, I pray for patience, wisdom, guidance, love, kindness. I’m learning what Paul meant when he told people to “pray without ceasing.” (1 Thess. 5:17) For me, it’s “pray without ceasing or you’re gonna be a terrible person to be around.”

And still, I always feel like there are more things to pray about, and more time could have been spent in prayer about some things, and I could’ve prayed better or longer or more often. Think of it like this: if you’ve had a white t-shirt for a couple of years, it’s not really white anymore, right? If you’re getting dressed in the dark, early in the morning, that shirt might look white, but when you walk out of your room into the hallway and a little light hits it, it doesn’t look as white anymore. And if you have a brighter light in the kitchen, it looks even dirtier than it did in the hall. The closer you get to bright lights, the more “not-white” that shirt seems. When you’re in the dark, you don’t notice that it’s faded, kinda yellowish, got a few stains on it, but in the light, all that stuff shows up, and you get kind of embarrassed about it.

I know that I need to pray. The catch-22 is that the more I pray, the more I realize just how much I need to pray. And when I pray more, I realize that I need to pray more, and on and on it goes. Not that that’s a bad thing. I think it’s a good thing- it’s part of God’s process of refining me, spending time with me, teaching me, calling me into a deeper relationship with himself.

I usually try to have a strong ending, but I don’t have a good way to wrap this up, so I’ll just end it abruptly with this summary:

  1. Prayer is good.
  2. God is gracious.
  3. Praying leads to more prayer, ad infinitum.
  4. I love me some cookie cake.
  1. Edwin Christian says:

    1 Thes 5:17 I agree with you that you always feel like you need to pray more. We are encouraged to ‘pray at all times’. Prayer is part of our daily lives. No matter what we are doing – whether going off to work, in meetings, driving our kids around, at home doing housework, out playing sports. Whatever we do each day, we can still pray. It should be natural conversation with God throughout our day. Yes, there are times when we need to set aside other things to ‘pray’, but mostly we can pray throughout the day.
    My feelings are that if everyone was praying contiuously as it is pointed out in the bible, we would not have time to fight or go to war. God is my co-pilot, I go nowhere without Him or asking for His direction. I still have problems – more than likely because I was not paying close enough attention to what He told me and I went in another direction, but those days are getting to be fewer.
    I personally have found continuous conversation with God has made my life better, tasks easier and relationships richer through His grace. Is there ever enough prayer? Before you answer ask yourself is there ever enough of God’s presence? My answer to both is a resounding no. So pray contiuously and continue to walk with Him by your side. Your life will be much better because of it.

  2. Thomas says:

    I like this post for a few reasons:
    1) Prayer is good, & I definitely need more of it… thank you for the reminder, because I needed to read this today…
    2) Great American Cookie Co. is one of my many downfalls! AMAZING!! I love seeing one of their cakes at a birthday party, until I realize I have to share…
    3) you are a pastor & just blogged with the word “jackass” in your blog… I don’t know why, but that has had me cracking up on the inside for the past 24 minutes…

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