Posted: February 21, 2011 in Words

Friday night, Elizabeth and I drove two hours to Huntsville to see a friend of ours perform her graduate thesis concert for her Master of Fine Arts Degree in Dance. I gotta be honest- I wasn’t really looking forward to it.

Here’s what I knew going into it:

  1. It was a dance recital. Dance. Enough said.
  2. Amy, our friend/the dancer/choreographer said it was “different.”
  3. Her performance had to be based on a topic of her choosing. She chose to dance about breast cancer. (Huh?)

So, I was spending my Friday night driving two hours to see my wife’s best friend from high school do a weird dance inspired by breast cancer. Add to that the fact that there was a “King of Queens” marathon coming on TBS, and you can see why I wasn’t exactly thrilled to go.

Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised.

What Amy was able to do was really impressive. It wasn’t just a dance, it was a story. She was able to convey struggles with sickness, body image, and relationship through the vehicle of dance. I was surprised that I enjoyed it, and even more surprised that I understood what was going on.

It was good for me to be reminded that I need to get out of my little world sometimes. I need to go to weird dance recitals and watch boring documentaries and read old books. It’s good for me to get off the computer, away from ESPN, and out of Jasper to see a musical or listen to an opera.

What do you think? Why is it important to experience new and different things? How do you go about doing that? Leave a comment and I’ll be your best friend. (Or maybe just a regular friend.)

Click for more information about Amy’s dance company, Rednerrus Feil.

  1. Jenni says:

    I’ve been pondering…I’m sure there’s something I’ve done recently that’s out of my comfort zone but can’t recall what it is at this moment in time! I’m glad yours worked for you!
    Does going to a different church count? I was not growing spiritually & had been at the same church since I was a teen. I could have stayed where ‘everyone knew my name’ and it was close to where I lived, but I was missing something & it didn’t necessarily have anything to do with that church. So, over 6 years ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone & started visiting another church in another city. That church is now my ‘home’ church. I’ve met so many fine Christ followers, have learned alot about the Bible and God & grown in my spiritual life. Not everyone ‘knows my name’ but that’s ok. I got out of my comfort zone & I’m glad I did!
    BTW–I’ve not made comments on your last few BDB–they are still ‘badly drawn’ but always with the true message!

  2. Edwin Christian says:

    I remember my grandfather always telling me not to judge a book by it’s cover for what is hidden inside could be full of wonders and magic. I grew up on an indian reservation in Arizona so that little changes in our lives meant big changes in the future.

    Since then I have always been able to work outside of the box and expand my horizons. Getting outside our comfort zone opens worlds of new experiences and wonders.It is God’s magic in our lives to make us more aware of our great blessings in this world. We grow, we share and we make better friends and neighbors for our Christian family.

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