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Posted: January 24, 2011 in Words

I’ve noticed that there’s a pretty limited number of options when it comes to Facebook profile pics. At times, we’re all guilty of some of them. Lets discuss…

1. “Self-Shot” – Taken at arm’s length with your camera phone. And I know for a fact that’s not the first one you took- it’s the one you thought looked best. Be sure to erase all the bad ones off your phone before I find them and post them. (*Variation- “Bathroom Mirror Self-Shot”- Camera pointed at bathroom mirror, usually one hand holding the camera, one hand on a hip- ooh, you’re sassy! FYI- The reflection of the flash is painfully bright and the writing on your Abercrombie t-shirt is backwards.)

2. “I accomplished something amazing!” – You ran a marathon, climbed a mountain, opened for Weezer, or did something else that was the highlight of your month. You look very proud, as you should- you did it!

3. “Family Portrait” – I’m guilty of this one pretty often. When you’re a parent, you’re proud. That picture from the church picnic, the portrait that was on your Christmas card, the four of you wearing matching t-shirts you got on vacation to Hot Springs- pick any of them, they’re all precious.

4. “Cute Couple” – Uh, seriously? Could you two be any cuter? OMG, I think I’m gonna die- you are just. too. cute. He’s perfect for you. She’s adorable. You two are like Fred and Ginger… or at least Fred and Wilma.

5. “I went somewhere incredible!” – Are you kidding? You went to New York/London/Paris/the Grand Canyon/the moon/the rodeo/Panera Bread?!? (Pick one) How was it?!? I’m so jealous- I’ve always wanted to go there…

6. “Duck Face” – OK, this one I gotta say- I hate it. If you’re not familiar with duck face, try it for yourself. First, pucker your lips as much as you can. Further. Almost. There ya go. Now, raise your eyebrows really high. Finally, try to get one of your ears to touch your collarbone. THAT is duck face. People of America, I implore you- I know we don’t agree on much, but can we all band together and put a stop to duck face? Please- think of the children.

Did I miss any? Leave a message.

  1. April says:

    What about the office photo picture? The one that looks like a school portrait for adults. It’s awful!

  2. Ashley Evers says:

    HILARIOUS and soo true. I can’t do duck face… I look like a dieing duck or a very sick duck… I’ve tried and failed miserably. This was great and did need to be addressed!!! You’re a great blog author, Jared!!!! My husband and I love reading your blog!!

  3. Jenni says:

    A few more…what about those who use a photo of their pet or something inanimate? Or, the ‘retro’ look (GUILTY as charged!).
    And, BTW, what is the “perfect” Facebook photo???
    At this moment in time, my profile pic is a photo of my children & grandchildren, the gift they gave us for Christmas, and I think it’s ‘perfect’!

  4. the duck face – lol! yes, it must be stopped… it is absolutely, positively, ridiculous.

  5. Jared!!

    Dude…I’m so glad you addressed “Duck Face.” Its one of the rants that I give to Sarah all the time. I mean, what is that about? Is it supposed to be attractive or seductive? Well, its not, it makes you look as if you ate something terrible. I’ve seriously almost addressed this on wednesday nights (half way to be funny), but have never found the appropriate time. Thank you so much for addressing duck face. May your children never acquire duck face.

    • Jared says:

      There’s a girl in our church that I actually call “Ducky” because in every picture she posts, she’s making that awful “I just ate a lemon and it caught me surprise” face.

  6. BroT says:


  7. Judy Hall says:

    You are such a nutcase!! I did try to make the duck face. I think once you pass the age of 30, your face is just not meant to make those movements!!! LOL

  8. Judy, I think no human should attempt duck face on purpose at any point in life

  9. Amber H. says:

    sadly, i have been missing out on the appropriate facebook profile pics. i’ve only done 1 of these (well two if you could cute couple and family photo the same things since we don’t have kids yet). this post has inspired me, who knows maybe you’ll see some “creative” facebook photos coming your way from the harringtons.

    thanks for educating us. 🙂

  10. Mandy Cooper says:

    What about sticking your tongue out? What did I ever do to you that? Well, I may have done something, but the rest of the world? Katelyn & her friends are the world’s worse about taking their picture with their tongues hanging out of their mouths. I guess it’s THAT bad!
    And yes, I sat here trying to make the “duck face” too. We’ve got some cousins that are guilty as charged for that one.

  11. […] In a previous post, I talked about the types of Facebook profile pics that seemed to be most prevale… Today, I turn my attention to the status update. The little box that asks the simple question, “What’s on your mind?” […]

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